Welcome to the 2015 Louisiana Prep Outstanding Athletic Awards……. sponsored by Named Advertiser.

Sports writers cover over 28 prep sports across the State of Louisiana. Over 85,000 student athletes compete for their high school and commit daily practice and dedication while maintaining academic excellence to represent their school.

Teams of dedicated reporters, photographers and statisticians follow these competitors each week and their quest to excel during practice and game day activities.

We would like to recognize these athletes, their dedication and outstanding performance this past season. We recognize that these students have the support of their parents, faculty and friends to excel in the sports that they love.

Sports writers, coaches and sports authorities  have joined to recognize and honor the fine accomplishments of these student athletes this past season.

A number of distinguished Louisiana coaches, their associations and our panel of sportswriters will be reviewing your submissions as well as our observations of these weekly stand-out athletes across the fall and spring sports to determine the top performers.

Please watch our online awards recognition show to view who will be the distinguished winners in each of the sports and categories.

Thank you for joining and sharing across your network.


Louisiana Prep Sports